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Earn To Die 2

2Earn To Die 2 is driving action game developed by Not Doppler. The main goal of this game is, well drive. Drive through devastated land filled with undead and ultimately escaping from the country. There are 10 levels You need to pass to accomplish the escape. The gameplay is rather simple, because You only have to hold acceleration button pushed to drive and move left or right rotation buttons. but be careful try not to damage your car. Game ends when you run out of fuel or when you stop moving in general. What makes this game great is upgrading system and unlocking new vehicles. Each vehicle has it's own parts you need to install on to make it faster, tougher or just badass. In the beginning, you have weak car. Slow, runs out of gas fast. Later, You can unlock better ones , in the end it is truck-like vehicle wich is stronger, tougher. As You progress by driving as much as you can, lets say that you passed 400 ft with your first car, you get fixed amount of cash for that distance, plus additional cash for undead you hit, plus additional cash for average speed. With all of that money you earned, you can upgrade your vehicles. There are several different upgrade options: 1) Engine - for acceleration and fuel efficiency ; 2) Transmission - increases maximum speed ; 3) Wheels - better grip ; 4) Fuel Tank - increases the capacity ; 5) Boost - extra speed on demand (activated manually). These are driving upgrade options, but there are also combat upgrade options: 1) Armor - protects your vehicle from damage ; 2) Gun - shoots undead before You hit them with car (activated automatically). Undead Zombies are weak beings, meaning that you just need to hit them and they die. But they also differ in size and strength. When you hit bigger ones, you are slowed for around 30-40%, except when your vehicle is fully upgraded. Overall, Earn To Die 2 is great game and you should play it. Have a good time with Earn To Die 2 game at our website.

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